Bright Child Care and Development Center

Dear Parents,

More than 9 years Bright Child Care and Development Center is supporting you in caring about the growth and development of your children. Much more than a kindergarten, we create a field for exchange of ideas and creative solutions for all parents, teachers and children in the name of a better future. We enroll children at age from 1,5 to 6 years old.

English speaking Environment

We speak entirely in English

Multicultural Environment

We created Bright Child Care and Development Center in order to become a small model of the world we live in with all its beautiful varieties.

Nowadays the center is attended by children from many different nationalities. That allows them to grow with a wide horizon of their views and tolerance, it creates a reality where intercultural acceptance and priceless bounding and friendships are built.

The methods of education are based on Compassionate Communication and the Regio Emilia Approach. Here is how:

We have combined different methods of Compassionate Communication, The Regio Emilia Approach, our personal and professional qualities in order to create the salutary, favorable developing environment of Bright Child Care.

The complete care of the children is put into practice by pedagogues, phycologists and a nurse, people with wide horizons and range of interests and professionalism. In their daily work they support the children in growing into confident and stable personalities, adaptive and flexible, tolerant and brave, being able to make decisions and take responsibilities, considering and caring about the surrounding environment.

We believe that the personal example and attention, respect and encouragement of freedom in self-expressing, as well as respect for other people’s feelings and needs are among the most important conditions about a growth full of value.

Our doors are open for our parents. They are welcome to share their world with us – their cultural, personal and professional values.

The bound Teacher-Parent-Child and transparent communication are the base for creating a calm and constructive environment of trust where all of us can grow together. We consider the environment we create as “the third teacher”.

Healthy Daily Routine

The food is healthy and balanced.

Balanced and varied menu – the food we serve is balanced and healthy, all meals contain fresh fruit and vegetables. We trust only high quality certified providers.

Time management – for the time the children spend in Bright and also depending on the age of the children there is a good balance of all organized activities, indoor and outdoor free play, meal and rest time. The children spend their days in a cozy, quiet and safe environment. All through the year and every day they enjoy their outdoor time in our beautiful green yard, just in the foot of Vitosha Mountain.

Cozy and creative premises in the foot of Vitosha Mountain

Bright Child Care and Development Center is situated in a beautiful safe building surrounded by a wide green yard in the foot of Vitosha Mountain in Boyana district, Sofia. We created the activity spaces, dining and resting areas taking into consideration the age of the children, we give them choices for educational activities and entertainment.

We often go to the mountains for trips, green week challenges or skiing.

We go to museums, we attend cultural events and performances. We organize workshops for children and parents and we make our own performances and celebrations for all of us to enjoy together. We respect the cultural specifics of all our children and we celebrate life together.

Welcome to Bright Child Care and Development Center!

We аre expecting you to discover this amazing world together!

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