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BRIGHT environment

BRIGHT centre has its own facilities, specially designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements for buildings occupied by children. Only natural and harmless materials are used!

The colors of the premises are chosen according to their good influence on children’s mentality—mainly the relaxing green and blue. The interior design includes elements, representing natural environment. The wide yard is planted with different vegetation species, specially chosen to provide the children’s additional safety.

For the healthy lifestyle of the children we provide breakfast, lunch and snack. The preparation of the menu, controlled by us, is entrusted to a special firm, following all requirements and norms of child cuisine.

BRIGHT qualified care

BRIGHT life and health

Our main priorities are the safety and piece of mind of the children and their parents. That is why we provide full-time security and medical care and the experience and qualification of out pedagogues guarantee a safe, peaceful and fun environment for the children’s development.

BRIGHT personal and physical development

We aim not only at the first-class child-care, but at the integrated development of children's abilities as well:

  • fine and gross motor skills, dexterity
  • intellect, logical thinking
  • playing culture, social and communicative skills
  • behavior in society
  • knowledge at: languages, math, nature.

The BRIGHT approach includes individual classes and treatment, through which we get to know in detail the BRIGHT individuality of each child, so that we can take into consideration their individual needs and skills.

BRIGHT education

English-speaking environment

One of the main criteria for selection of our employees is the fluency in English and a second foreign language. This creates the conditions for establishment of an environment where communication is lead naturally and exceptionally in English, so that children can easily acquire new language skills. 

We attain parallel studying of Bulgarian language by teaching lessons in grammar and literature.

We also offer the option of studying a third language – French, German, etc.

Musical lessons

BRIGHT offers a specially developed class program, lead by a qualified musical pedagogue, so that children’s aesthetical and musical taste and skills formed at the earliest stage possible, and help them develop their language potential.

BRIGHT principles

  • Transparent communication at all levels – we inform parents in due time for incoming events, organized activities, and everything, happening in the center. We encourage all BRIGHT parents to visit us at any time and take active participation in the life of the center. Your ideas and opinion are extremely important to us.   
  • Education in tolerance and positive attitude towards the differences between people. 
  • Building social skills, respect towards other children and adults, confidence, self-esteem and self-knowledge. 

BRIGHT methodology

BRIGHT education is based on the most successful pedagogical models, recognized by specialists all over the world, such as the Montessori method, the Waldorf education. We also use and adapt high quality Bulgarian practices and programs.

Our BRIGHT philosophy 

The child is an amazing universe with its own gravity, with unique features and needs. The role of the pedagogue is to carefully direct, support and enrich this universe, and never underestimate its uniqueness.

We do not force our direction to the child. Our job is, through a careful analysis on a daily basis, to find the child's individual direction and help them follow it and keep on developing their amazing potential.