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BRIGHT Summer School

July and August 2011

Dear children,
If you are about to spend most of the summer days in the city, we would like to invite you to become part of our BRIGHT Summer School. We offer you friendly environment close to the mountain, where the days are not that hot and are always so exciting. We are going to organize a lot of amusing activities for spending a great time together and learning a lot of things about the world around.

This is what we have prepared for you:
Every Day English Curriculum, topics: Animal World (Wild, Farm, Forest animals, pets), Plants, The Blue See (animals, water and sand activities), Vacations, Summer Time (in the city, country life) containing also:

  1. Art Activities - especially organized by an art pedagogue – twice a week
  2. Dancing Class - dancing teacher – twice a week
  3. Music Class – musical pedagogue – twice a week
  4. Outdoor Games and Physical Activities
  5. Theatre and Drama Plays
  6. Flash Cards Activities
  7. Observing and Exploring Nature Outdoor Classes
  8. A lot of fun!

This is how we develop:

  1. English Language Skills
  2. Aesthetic Attitude
  3. Artistic Skills
  4. Communicative and Social Skills, Team Work
  5. Small and Gross Motor Skills
  6. Nature Friendly Attitude
  7. Creativity

Don’t forget your sun hats, sun protective lotion, spare clothes and your lovely summer mood ?. You are welcome to spend half or full day with us every Monday to Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 06:30 p.m. For more information contact us - 0888 558 997.