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BRIGHT – ChildCare and Development Centre, Kindergarten in Sofia Bulgaria

Bright is alternative kindergarten in Sofia which creates unique atmosphere full with smiles, knowledge, beauty and joy, with answers for the life that excite kids. We take special cares and use complex pedagogical methodology to broaden horizons to them and help them successfully integrate into the modern society.

The childhood will be always part of us. Good or bad, it will influence our future aims, dreams, wishes and yearnings which will lead us in a path of life.

Planning future of your child is base which is important in the modern society. It is our desire to provide bright future and to strengthen the foundation of character of our children in order to show them the opportunities to be, to succeed and to win.

The shy children’s eyes seeking for knowledge and love, and unlock thrill in our soul are among the things that are worth to devote our life to them and that is what we are doing in Bright ChildCare and Development Centre.

Bright ChildCare and Development Centre with their curiosity will lead your children to discovery, adventure and knowledge surrounded by a friendly and warm atmosphere. Step by step your kids will be able to discover the impressive world we live in and immerse in a unique fairytale. In our British kindergarten we not only provide excellent cares, but for us also is very important to create unique personalities and characters, real people and marvelous leader of tomorrow.

Bright, alternative form of private kindergarten offers multicultural contact in authentic English-speaking environment and follows every tendency for healthy life and 100 % safety of the children. The key location in Boyana - one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Sofia, promises maximum satisfaction both for kids and their parents.

Thanks to our special approach, modern method and knowledge in the pedagogy, magnificent children are becoming wonderful, clever and brave persons. And the best thing is that it all happens while they are at home – Bright – the alternative kindergarten in Sofia.

Give the future of your children. Give them the best they can get to ensure happiness and whole bunch of genuine smiles.